I frequently provide workshops for students and researchers. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in me hosting a workshop.

Workshop: Introduction to R

Below you will find files for an ~8 hour workshop in which I teach the basics of R. In the first half (~4 hours) I consider the basic workings of R (types of objects, functions). In the second half I consider performing basic data analyses in R (regression, ANOVA), and less basic analyses with packages (SEM, multilevel modeling).

Workshop: Analyzing Intensive Longitudinal Data

Note: At Utrecht University, we offer a week long course on modeling the dynamics of intensive longitudinal data.

Below you will find lecture slides for a workshop on modeling intensive longitudinal data, as well as files you can use to practice analyzing intensive longitudinal data. It includes practicals for R and for Mplus, for n=1 models or multilevel models. Regardless of which software you use, I would recommend starting with the n=1 model files, before practicing with the multilevel models.

For the Mplus exercises, some basic knowledge of Mplus is recommend, and I'd recommend to also watch some of the webinars available on the mplus website (, where they also discuss model code.

For the R exercises, basic knowledge of R is recommended (if you do not know the basics, consider the Introduction to R workshop above).

(Some) basic knowledge of Bayesian stats is also very helpful, because both the analyses in Mplus and in R are Bayesian.